How to Play Roller Derby

  • Roller Derby is a race around an oval track, played in two minute shifts called jams.
  • Each team fields five skaters per jam.
    • Four skaters from each team form the pack of eight total blockers.
    • One skater from each team is that team’s jammer. The jammer wears the star on her helmet cover.
    • One of each team’s blockers is the pivot, who wears the helmet cover with the stripe. The jammer can remove her own helmet cover and pass the star to the pivot, making her that team’s new jammer.
  • The jammer scores one point for her team each time she laps an opponent.
  • But in order to do that, she will have to avoid or deflect that opponent’s blocks!
  • The first jammer to successfully make her way through the pack is declared the lead jammer. The lead jammer can strategically call off the jam by placing her hands on her hips.
  • When the jam ends, the teams have 30 seconds to reset before the next jam begins!


  • When a skater is blocked out of bounds, she must return to the track behind the opponent who put her out. Failure to do so is cutting the track.
  • Skaters cannot block with heads, knees, feet, elbows, forearms, while stopped or moving clockwise, or by making a physical link with teammates.
  • Skaters cannot target an opponent’s head, legs, feet, or back.
  • Penalties are enforced by sitting for 30 seconds in the penalty box.
  • Egregious penalties or accumulating seven penalties in a game will cause a skater to be ejected.