After starting discussions last fall to revisit the original BlueStockings logo concept, a beloved logo by Evan Clayburg that started her journey, we are pleased to release the new logo. Still true to her “bluestocking” and roller derby roots that celebrate both mental and physical strength, the new logo puts the whole woman in the picture.

Ithaca BlueStockings 2013 by Tim-Youngs

Created by Tim Youngs, Creative Director at Communiqué Design and Marketing, Tim is an Upstate New York designer-illustrator-creative with 30+ years experience in the applied visual arts. He’s a huge fan of roller derby, and especially Ithaca roller derby. Tim has literally been sketching a roller derby logo for ILWR since he learned about the league. It’s a-bout time we put that creative energy to use!

View more of Tim’s work here and here.