We need your help!

The SufferJets have been invited to participate in 3 out-of-state tournaments for the 2017 season! We need YOUR help getting there! Every dollar counts so even if you can only give a small amount we still greatly appreciate it! Click on the link to learn more about...

SufferJets vs Rochester and Juniors vs Montreal

On Saturday, July 16th the Ithaca League of Junior Rollers will be up first when they hit the track against Montreal’s Rhythm and Bruise. Following will be the Ithaca SufferJets (ranked 83 in the WORLD) taking on Rochester’s Roc City Roc Stars (ranked 90).

Wreck Derby Starts June 15th

Ready to try a new kind of workout that’s both Fun and Empowering?? Here’s your chance at ILWR’s weekly Wednesday session! New or returning skaters are welcome! No previous skating experience necessary! We’re here to have fun with you and teach you how to get moving on skates.

Doubleheader on June 25th in Cass Park, Ithaca

Don’t miss out on the first doubleheader of the 2016 season! In this international match up the Ithaca SufferJets (ranked 90 in the WORLD) will take on Ontario’s Royal City Brute-Leggers (ranked 93).