On Saturday, June 18, the BlueStockings traveled (many via the Ithaca Carshare sponsorship!) to Olean, NY for a bout versus Enchanted Mountain Roller Derby’s Hellbilly Heartbreakers. After losing a very early season scrimmage to the Heartbreakers this spring (167-138), the BlueStockings were anxious for a win. This was the second official bout for the BlueStockings – bringing their season record so far to 2-0. This was the fourth game for the Heartbreakers season, leaving them with a 2-2 record.

The first half was a blaze of blue as our BlueStockings did well getting lead jammer and calling off the jams before the Heartbreakers could score. By the end of the first period it was BlueStockings 97 to Heartbreakers 41.

With a 56 point lead the BlueStockings started the second half with a comfortable buffer; however they knew they had to keep up the pressure to stay ahead. The Heartbreakers offense really warmed up in the second half, successfully getting their jammers through the heavy hitting BlueStockings, and they managed to rack up 73 more points in the second half to the BlueStockings 58.

Final score BlueStockings 155, Heartbreakers 114. MVP awards went to Hurricane Katrina for jamming and Wheels McCoy for blocking for the BlueStockings and Trixie Pixie for blocking and Dali Dagger for jammer for the Hellbilly Heartbreakers.

These two teams will meet again on July 16! The Ithaca BlueStockings will be welcoming the Hellbilly Heartbreakers to Cass Park Rink in Ithaca, NY.

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