by Chairman Meow

Special thanks to all who came out to support this great cause for the Ithaca Community Harvest which connects students, staff and families from Beverly J. Martin Elementary School, Greater Ithaca Activities Center and Southside Community Center with locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables.

Via Ithaca’s Chapter of Share Our Strength’s Taste of the Nation we received this very delighted feedback about our involvement:

“The pay-off, of course, was watching people happily throwing down dollar bills to get a piece of the wonderful end product. It was amazing to see how people just jumped all over it. We sold a ton of corn bread right off of Leslie’s Just Desserts table but the volunteer ‘sellers’ that walked through the crowd were real troopers leaving no corner of The Commons unvisited in their quest to empty their baskets! A special word of appreciation to a remarkable local organization the women’s roller derby team, The Suffer Jets. “They skate to give back” as one of their members said to me. “I can’t skate to save my life but joined because I just love how we get involved in the community.” Words that warmed my heart on a cold, but sunny day (wish they had had the same affect on my feet). But, hey, what’s a few frozen tootsies when we’re ending childhood hunger.”

On the commons with us in cold toes & finger solidarity (I had to buy another pair of wool socks!): Momo-A-Gogo, Chairman Meow, Mass Extinction, Arma
Gayddon & friend, Hot Cross Bruns, Wheels McCoy, CinderBlockerella, Delicate Flower (we missed you on the picture tour), Coach Tiny Bubbles, Felonious Fox, and Motley Crouton!

Warm in the kitchen, but working their booties off helping to make all that delicious cornbread: Tamara L. & DJ!