Empire Skate Showdown 2012

ILWR traveled to Old Bethpage, NY for the third annual Empire Skate Showdown on Saturday, September 1. ESS brings together NY teams and serves as a state championship tournament.

ESS is set up as an all-day double-elimination tournament with 30 minute bouts. The Traitors were the top seed as returning tournament champions from 2010 and 2011. Suburbia, ranked 14 in the WFTDA eastern region was the number two seed. This was the first ESS for Suburbia. Other teams at the tournament were the tournament hosts Long Island Roller Rebels (WFTDA 21E), Central NY Roller Derby (WFTDA 22E), Roc City Derby (WFTDA 23E), ILWR (WFTDA 24E), Hudson Valley Horrors (WFTDA 33E), WFTDA apprentice leagues Hellions of Troy and Assault City, and non-WFTDA Lumber Jills of Plattsburgh.

ILWR’s roster for the day included the following SufferJets: CamArrow, Chairman Meow, Chrysteria, Gunder ‘n Lightning, Haha Hatchet, Lisbeth SaLAMd’her, Momo-a-Gogo, Ovarian Cyster, Pink e. Racer, Mad ScienceFist, and Thunder Vittles.

The first bout for ILWR was against the Lumber Jills (non-WFTDA) of Plattsburgh, NY. They are a second year team. ILWR won 117-47.

In a first-time matchup with Suburbia, ILWR took away another win! Final score: 90-54.

For the third bout ILWR faced longtime rival, Roc Derby. In what proved to be a nailbiter finish, ILWR lost to ROC by two points, removing them from the final championship bout. Final score: 94-92.

Although it is not clear from the tournament results, and there wasn’t a playoff for third place, ILWR was in the top 4 out of 10 teams! ILWR had an excellent tournament with two clear wins and very close loss. Team MVP for ILWR: CamArrow.

Shout out to ILWR Bench Managers Rollin’ Polanski & Motley Crouton!

The highlight of the tournament experience had to be the picnic hosted by longtime ILWR Super Fans Liz Hoyt and Sharon Corbitt along with their friend Michelle. In between bouts ILWR was able to enjoy delicious foods while relaxing in the impromptu “Ithaca Park” outside the tournament rink.
ILWR Super Fans - Liz & Sharon