When are tryouts?
The ILWR begins their main recruitment season at the end of summer/ beginning of fall, culminating with tryouts and team drafts in January. See our RECRUITING page for more info. Transfers welcome at any time in the season. Email memberandrecruit@googlegroups.com with any questions.

Does ILWR need referees/stats/bout officials/volunteers?
YES! We are currently in search of stats, bout officials and volunteers Email: memberandrecruit@googlegroups.com to get involved.

Does age or weight matter if I want to become a rollergirl?
Not at all. We have women in our league of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Just bring: dedication, commitment, and the desire to kick ass! (you also must be at least 18).

What are the Requirements of being a Rollergirl?
The requirements of a skater on one of ILWR’s teams include being able to attend practices 2-3 times per week, supplying your own equipment, including quad skates, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, mouth guards and any other extra protective gear you might need. Skaters are NOT paid and actually have to pay monthly dues. You also must supply your own transportation. You will be asked to attend fundraisers and charity events for the league and may be asked to publicly represent the ILWR in the media.

Do you have some advice on gear needed to get started?
Yes we do. Check our BEGINNER GEAR GUIDE to get started!

How do I get tickets to a bout?
Please check our Bouts page: http://www.ithacarollerderby.com/category/bouts/ for up to date info on ticketing.

How is the sport of roller derby is played?
Check out our Rules of the Game Primer.