At the end of the season this year the Ithaca League of Women Rollers had to say goodbye to  another longtime league member, Nuclear WinterCourse. Originally from New Jersey, she has returned back to her roots.  But before departing she played her last home game with ILWR on August 18, 2012. Her team, the BlueStockings played against the Hell Billy Heartbreakers and succesfully beat them for the second time in 2012: 161 to 115. An accomplished singer, WinterCourse began the evening by belting out a beautiful national anthem, then played a tough game and finished by being awarded MVP Heavy Hitter.

Nuclear WinterCourse - BlueStockings 2012

Photo by Lauren Comly

A great blocker and powerful skater, WinterCourse, is not done with derby yet! Look out Ithaca, she’s coming back as an opponent! We recently had a chance to catch up with her and ask a few questions:

How long did you skate w ILWR? I skated with ILWR for three years.

Where are you now & what are you up to? I’m living in NJ now. I’m currently working as an EMT while I’m waiting to get licensed as an acupuncturist. NJ is historically slow on its licensing.

Do you remember your first jam/game? Was it scary/thrilling/exciting….? I vaguely remember my first game. I didn’t play much as I was a newb. I think every bout has that moment before it of excitement and panic.

What else did you do with the league? What committees were you on? I was a part of merch, training and of course the DFC.

Any words of advice for new skaters? Advice.. um. skate hard and often? Even if you’re not the fastest or strongest, if you practice you can get there.

Any words of advice for veteran skaters? Just because you’ve been skating for forever doesn’t mean you don’t have room for improvement.

Care to share some highlights of your time with ILWR? Having a chance to meet new people in a new place. Having them become a sort of dysfunctional family for my time in Ithaca.

Favorite strategy on the track? Trap them with my ass.

What was your favorite bout? My last one.

What league can we find you skating on next? I’m currently skating with Jersey Shore. I’m hoping that we get a chance to play Ithaca next year so I can kick your butts of course.

Nuclear WinterCourse - BlueStockings 2012 - Ithaca Roller Derby

Nuclear WinterCourse Demonstrating How to Block a Jammer!

More pictures of her last bout:

BlueStockings vs Hell Billy Heartbreakers by Peter Korolov Photography

BlueStockings vs Hell Billy Heartbreakers by RWC Photography