Junior Roller Derby Gear Information

Required Equipment

• Quad Skates -4 wheels – no inline skates
• Helmet –CPSC -“bicycle” or ASTM “skate” certified
• Wrist guards –front and back splints
• Elbow pads –
• Knee pads
• Mouth Piece (football standard)
• Reusable Water Bottle

Recommended Equipment
• Hip Pads/butt pads. (Long)
• Out Door Wheels

Helmet, protective gear, and mouth piece can be purchased at many
sporting goods stores or online.

Please make sure your equipment is in good shape, is the correct size, and fits you properly.

Here is a great link to more gear info:

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“Put some skates on, be your own hero.”
– Whip It (2009)

Ithaca League of Junior Rollers – Exhibition Bout 2010

“The best night of my life.”
– Racing Rainbow, ILJR Skater

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