AKT*47, Pl Anne B, Armagayddon and Hot Cross Bruns

By AKT*47

It was so nice to have both teams represented behind such a wonderful community awareness night. We started at GIAC and rolled our way along with 50 + marchers from our start spot to the commons. Chanting and marching with signs and flare against domestic and sexual violence. It was very moving and we got the traffic and public involved on the way.

Then we met up with the rest of the marchers adding up to about 300+ people. HOW MOVING! The night continued with survivor speeches, music and a candelight ceremony. Overall you might ask? 1000% effective. Combining our forces worked and brought light to important social issues that have touched many lives. Marchers, community members, and organizers of the function shared their delight and appreciation of our involvement.

Thanks again to all who were involved.
Love my team, love my league.