by Chairman Meow

The Ithaca League of Women Rollers 2011 home season came to a close on Saturday night, October 1. After a long season of training, volunteering, traveling to away games and tournaments, and achieving full WFTDA membership, the ILWR enjoyed a final home bout before Cass Park Rink returns to ice. In the off-season ILWR will be recruiting and training new skaters for the 2012 season. If you are interested in trying out roller derby please get in touch! Also of note, the beginnings of a men’s roller derby league have started in Ithaca – The Ithaca Gunshow. Get in touch with them on facebook.

The BlueStockings faced off against the zomBsquad with a final score of 237-50. That’s a win for the Blues.  At the end of the first half the Blues were up 158-18, already a score that would be hard to beat. The MVP selected by the zombsquad was Motley Crouton. This rematch was an even bigger win than last year’s meeting with the zomBsquad: 168-86. The BlueStockings end their season with a 5-3 record and also took 2nd place in July’s Triple D Tournament in Oswego.

Meanwhile the fight for the SufferJets was a much tougher one. In a clash of the titans the first half featured several lead changes in a neck and neck race that would finish in one last jam giving the Dolls a one point lead at 41-42. Low scoring play like this indicates very strong defensive play by both teams. The second half carried on similarly until about the last 8 minutes of play. A false start major by a SufferJet jammer started the first of 3 power jams that enabled the Dolls to chip away at the score.  SufferJets vs Independence Dolls – 82- 122. Dolls won. The MVP of SufferJets selected by the Dolls: Chrysteria. This leaves the SufferJets at a 2-6 season record. In an effort to meet the high standard of WFTDA apprenticeship, and now full members as of September 1, and to take on more challenging teams – the SufferJets have had some close & hard fought games this season!

It was an action-packed evening, with a house full of fans that brought good cheer, many zombies, and helped ILWR close the season with a bang! In a first for ILWR, the national anthem was done as a duet by Kung Fool Fighter and Bobby Narco.

Up and coming The Origin Brass band brought pep-band style zing with New Orleans flavor to the action.

The Origin Brass band of Ithaca, NY

The evenings events also included a raffle for (2) $250 Flight Vouchers from Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport and 4 giveaways of Bacon for a month from The Piggery – participants chucked rubber ducks at a bacon target. Ducks = Bacon.

ILWR Raffles off Big Prizes

Zombie action also included a brain eating contest! A veritable smorgasbord of brains was on display at the north end of the rink – where later the zombies would feast and make mayhem. Thanks to Kung Fool Fighter for his zombie creations and antics!

The Brains of ILWR

Our team of ILWR coaches: Coach Tiny Bubbles, Captain Quirk and Velma Vex, held the teams together on Saturday night and all season long. Thanks Coaches.

ILWR Coaches

Captain Quirk, Coach Tiny Bubbles, Velma Vex

Announcers on the mics were the inimitable hometown bard Victor E Rink and guest announcers Bobby Narco and MoeCheezmo both from NYC.

On the DJ decks were DJ Bob & Alex for the first bout and aJent Orange (spectacularly zom-bee-fied) for the second bout.


ILWR gave a portion of the evening’s proceeds to the family of Assault City Roller Derby fallen skater Kristie Rubino “Raging Ruby”.

A huge round of applause to ILWR’s season long supporters, sponsors, stalwart volunteers and amazing fans. We couldn’t do this without you!

Once again, official ILWR pumpkin carver Karen Black gifted ILWR with one of her beautiful creations!

BlueStockings Pumpkin by Karen Black

Media from the Bout

Ian Peru Photography

Lauren Comly Photography – coming soon!

Jeremy Richardson Photography – BlueStockings

Video Clip of BlueStockings last jam

Video Clip of a SufferJets jam

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