Ithaca Roller Derby Chicken BBQ July 19

The Ithaca League of Women Rollers will be serving up chicken BBQ with all the fixin’s and homemade baked goods on Saturday, August from 10:00AM until the chicken has flown the coop in the parking lot of Aaron’s at 363 Elmira Road. Map link. 

The proceeds from this fundraiser will help ILWR and all its skaters from the Ithaca community continue to play the game they love and represent the city they love both at home and away. Come chat with the athletes, learn more about roller derby and fuel up with a delicious plate of Que!

So don’t be a chicken, just come eat some! Spread the word thunderbird on Facebook. 

$10 meal, $6 for half chicken only

And don’t forget our upcoming home bouts!
9/12 DOUBLEHEADER ILWR vs. Les Sexpos, Battery Brigade
10/3 Ithaca SufferJets vs. Grand Central Terminators