Congrats to Empire Skate Showdown tournament champions Wall Street Traitors!

Much appreciation to Long Island Roller Rebels for hosting the tournament!

BRACKET 1: Teams face each other for the the very first time.

Bout 1–Albany All Stars (56) vs. Hudson Valley Horrors (50)

Bout 2–Central New York (63) v. Hellions of Troy (43)

Bout 3–Long Island Roller Rebels (126) v. Assault City (11)

Bout 4–Ithaca League of Women Rollers (32) v. Wall Street Traitors (53)

BRACKET 2: First Round of Eliminations.

Bout 5–Albany All Stars (53) v. Central New York (51)

Bout 6–Hudson Valley Horrors (83) v. Hellions of Troy (43)

Bout 7–Long Island Roller Rebels (44) v. Wall Street Traitors (50)

Bout 8–Assault City (32) v. Ithaca League of Women Rollers (68)

BRACKET 3: Teams vie for Final Placement.

Bout 9 (5th & 6th Places)–Central New York (48)  v. Long Island Roller Rebels (78)

Bout 10 (7th & 8th Places)–Hellions of Troy (48) v. Assault City (66)

Bout 11 (3rd & 4th Places)–Ithaca League of Women Rollers (66) v. Hudson Valley Horrors (22)

Bout 12 (Championship Bout)–Albany All-Stars (20) v. Wall Street Traitors (85)


Assault City Roller Derby – Deb Crush

Wall Street Traitors – Care Bear Scare

Ithaca League of Women Rollers – CamArrow

Rest of MVPs unknown…will update 🙂