Ithaca League of Junior Rollers vs Icies

On Saturday, August 11, ten of our Junior skaters participated in a junior derby Tournament hosted by Enchanted Mountain Roller Derby in Olean, NY. Teams in attendance were Buffalo’s Ice Ice Babies (which was split into two separate teams: Pink & Green), Toronto’s Junior League, and ILJR. ILJR emerged 2-1 from the tournament.

photo by Toby Girard

Skating for Ithaca:
Flo Shizzle
Katpiss Neverclean
Lord Doom
Racing Rainbow
Black Widow
Drama Queen Cyn
Zebra Muscle

In the final junior bouts Ice Ice Babies Pink came very close to winning over Ithaca, keeping a lead for much of the bout, but Ithaca pulled it out in the last few jams.

Our girls skated with skill and heart! The Toronto Juniors were the Tourney Champions and our Juniors were able to defeat them by one point when they faced off.

Final Scores for the Ithaca Bouts:
Ithaca vs Ice Ice Babies Green 57-87 – a win for the Icies
Ithaca vs Ice Ice Babies Pink – a win for Ithaca
Ithaca vs Toronto 60-59 – a win for Ithaca

The final standings being TJRD, IIB Green, ILJR, and IIB Pink.

MVPs for Ithaca:
Most Valuable Blocker: #88 Riptide
Most Valuable Jammer: #2 Katpiss Neverclean

This was the very first time our girls had faced any opposing team and even though we had only ten skaters to the other teams’ more than 16 per team, our ILJR earned respect from the officials and the Toronto team for their teamwork, skill, and good sportswomanship.

Ithaca Juniors supporting their new friends!! Photo by owleye

Ithaca Juniors supporting their new friends!! Photo by owleye

View more photos by RWC Photography! Thank you RWC!

And more photos by Toby Girard! Thank you Toby!