Photo Credits

The Ithaca League of Women Rollers gratefully acknowledges the support and gift of images that these amazing photographers generously share with our league.  Please take a look at their portfolio sites linked to their names. These photographers have shared images you will find here on our site, as well as online via Facebook and Flickr, and in promotional material for our league.

League Photographer
Lauren Comly (Shatterbug) has been taking pictures of the ILWR since August 09. An amateur who is smitten by documentary-style photograhy, she knew she had found her subject when she walked into a SufferJets practice session for the first time. She has become a true fan of the sport, a sincere admirer of the league and its skaters and a member of the extended derby family.

Contributing Photographers
Julie Magura (Killah Joules) is a photographer who has lived in the Finger Lakes of Upstate New York since 1997. She began taking pictures seriously when she was sixteen and subsequently received her bachelors degree in Documentary Photography from Rutgers University in 1993. She has traveled extensively – working on numerous editorial and personal projects in Greenland, Mexico and China, as well localized projects in the U.S., ranging from; the rural countryside and desert regions to inner cities and suburbs.

Peter Korolov

Kathryn Coldren (KataKlysm)

Erik Cherchio

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