The Ithaca League of Women Rollers will be kicking off recruitment for the 2017 season with an Open House series July-August 2016:

When: Sunday: 7/17 Open House from 5-7 pm  |   Sunday: 8/21 Open House from 5-7 pm

Freshmeat Training “Semester”:

Freshmeat Training officially begins September 6, 2016. Practices run Tues/Thurs 7:30-9:30 pm for 10 weeks.

Please email us if you have any questions.

Join us for an open house, then jump right in to learning the skills you’ll need to be a Roller Derby athlete. You’ll practice two evenings a week for ten weeks, and then be eligible to join the league as part of our newest class!


ILWR’s Training Space, 2073 E Shore Dr. Lansing, NY 14882

Have more questions? See below.

  • Who can join?
    • Any female over the age of 18 who has health insurance.
    • Under 18? We have a Juniors league!
    • Not interested in playing, or are a dude, but want to become a referee? You’re still welcome, we’ll train you with our fresh meat and then set you up with our awesome ref crew.
  • Do I have to present proof of insurance?

    No. While we highly encourage attendees to have coverage, we don’t require proof of insurance. These training nights are strictly at your own risk. There will not be an EMT on hand. Any type of physical activity carries its own risk, and roller skating – let alone derby skating – is no exception.

  • I don’t know how to skate/hit/stay upright!

    That’s TOTALLY ok! We don’t expect anyone to be the next Suzy Hotrod on her first night. Unless you’ve been playing junior roller derby within the past 5 years OR aren’t new to the sport, no one else will know what they are doing either! Everyone has to start somewhere.

  • What will I need?

    A positive mind, and the strong desire to have fun!

    We encourage you to purchase your own gear and can help you find what’s right. In the meantime, you are welcome to use our loaner gear to get started. It’s first come, first serve; so the quicker you get your own gear the better!

    Roller Derby Recyclables is a Facebook group dedicated to new and gently used gear. Start there first!

  • How much is it to skate?

    Gear Rental=$3 per practice

    Mouth Guard=$1 (you keep it!)


  • What’s skills testing like?

    We want to encourage you to be the best skater possible, so these checkpoints are what keep you (and others!) safe. There is always a copy of the test available at our practice space for you to check out, and our sessions revolve around the skills on the test. The 1st level covers safe ways to come to a stop, fall down, proper skating stance, and other non-contact necessities. Once you’ve mastered these, you are allowed to begin contact drills. At this level, you’ll slowly learn positional blocking and hitting techniques. You’ll also notice how many of the level 1 foundation blocks you’ll be using! After you’ve passed level 2 testing, you are eligible to become a full member of the league.

    Don’t fret-If you miss a skill requirement but pass others, you can continue to work on them until you are ready to be reassessed. Remember: Even the best skaters were in your position once. Stay positive, and keep on skating!

  • Do you punch/kick/elbow/bite each other?

    Roller Derby is far from WWE or old school derby. Today’s incarnation started up in 2004, and has evolved to be a game of strategy, speed, and athleticism. We pride ourselves on respecting all skaters, and play with good sportswomanship. Many Roller Derby athletes train just as hard as professional athletes would; it’s so much more than fishnets.

  • Is there a governing body for the sport? 

    Many leagues, including ILWR, are governed by the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA). You can check them out here.

  • What are the practices like?

    What are the practices like?

    Sample Skate Session

    • 15 minutes free skate for warm-up
    • 05 minutes stretch and introduction
    • 30 minutes: Beginner instructions and Advanced Drills to work on new and improve existing skills. May include endurance training, or strength training drills.
    • 30 minutes: Combined skating and practice time, or drills, that will range from pack work, to speed and endurance training, from agility to balance or strength training, derby scenario drills, or games for fun.
    • 05 minutes free skate cool-down
    • 05 minutes stretching
    • Total: 90 minutes (1.5 hours)


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