Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce Auction Winner

Momo-A-Gogo (ILWR), Chairman Meow (ILWR), Don Ellis (Gorges) and Dave Flinn of Starlane Farms, winner of the ILWR Super Fan Package!

On October 28th the league participated in the Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce’s main fundraiser for the year. As chamber members we were asked to donate to this auction event.

In partnership with ILWR Platinum Skates sponsors, GORGES Web Development & Internet Solutions, we created an ILWR “Super Fan” package that included 4 VIP 2011 season passes donated by Gorges; several tee shirts, stickers and buttons; and an autographed bout poster which was our first ever public offering of an “official” piece of ILWR memorabilia!

The poster, designed by Evan Clayburg, and enhanced by the signatures of all ILWR team members, was then mounted free of charge by Master Craft Framers on a black background and set with special uv protected glass. The poster frame was handmade and created by Lorren Hammond, well-known local craftsmen of fine furniture and architectural woodwork.

The frame itself was sourced from scrap materials left over from the production of skateboards by the awesome local producer of eco-friendly skateboards and longboards:  Comet.  It is a totally fabulous re-use of what would usually be tossed into landfills.

Our Superfan package was a special treat at the auction, especially the presentation by Momo-A-Gogo, Chairman Meow and Tiny Bubbles.  This was a great success for the Chamber and they very much appreciated our participation and the exceptional donation. Special thanks to CinderBlockerella for organizing the donation package!

Momo-A-Gogo, CinderBlockerella, Tiny Bubbles with First Aid

In addition to donation to the Chamber Auction, ILWR also bid on an item. If you know anything about roller derby you know how bruise-prone we are, so appropriately ILWR won the deluxe First Aid Kit donated by Bangs Ambulance.