SufferJets fans left Cass Park with sore throats on Saturday night as the Ithaca SufferJets earned an unlikely victory over Buffalo’s Devil Dollies. The Dollies dominated the game maintaining a 15-20 point lead over the SufferJets throughout most of the game. It wasn’t until the last 5 minutes of the game that a win seemed feasible when the Dollies jammer went to the penaltly box allowing the SufferJets to pull ahead with a 15: 0 jam. The point spread continued to narrow as the SufferJets defensive line remained tight. With 50 seconds left on the clock the SufferJets still trailed by three points. The final deciding point was earned in the last seconds of the game when SufferJets Pivot, Cam Arrow, lent a classic arm whip to lead jammer, Sarabellum, pulling her though the pack for a win of 131 to 130.