Blitzburg Bombers & SufferJets post-game 6/11/2011 photo
by Chairman Meow

The SufferJets came into the June 11 game versus SCDD’s Blitzburgh Bombers with a 1-3 season record, and after a fairly close loss to GGRD’s Wall Street Traitors last month were looking for a hometown win. After the first few jams the SufferJets held a small lead over the Bombers who worked hard to close the gap. By the end of the first period it was SufferJets 72 to Blitzburgh 55.

Emerging from the locker room for the second half the SufferJets knew they had to play a tighter defense against the Bombers. And the pack adjusted accordingly. Even when playing short with two blockers in the penalty box, star blockers CamArrow and Momo-A-Gogo were successfully holding the Bomber’s Jammer in the pack.

With SufferJets jammers hitting their stride mid-way through the second half, they had some blazing jams while the SufferJets blockers were ably shutting down the Bombers jammers and keeping a path open for their own jammer.

Final score SufferJets 166, Bombers 90. MVP awards went to CamArrow of the SufferJets and Hissy Fit of the Bombers.

An exciting game, fantastic fans, jeerleading extraordinaire, superb breakdancing by Greatest Common Factor at the half-time (er, and the afterparty too), music by Fall Creek Brass Band, DeeJaying by DJ Bob of No Radio Productions and National Anthem by Katie Marks. Our wonderful Foodnet Meals on Wheels partners held a fabulous BBQ fundraiser despite the torrential downpour. If you missed the BBQ, but would like to donate to Meals on Wheels please do so here: Foodnet. So many volunteers and sponsors made the event possible, we thank you all.

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Photos by Lauren Shatterbug Comly – Thank you!

Photos by Keith Thompson – Thank you!