by Chairman Meow

The Ithaca SufferJets suffered their first loss of season four at their April 23rd bout. In an intense matchup with the Sexpos of Montreal Roller Derby, a last minute high scoring jam by the Sexpos ended with the SufferJets 15 points behind. With about five lead changes in the second half of the bout – it was anyone’s game. The two teams enjoyed a solidly supportive crowd, five highly energizing jeerleaders, excellent announcers, and a crew of Derby Dorks circulating the crowd providing explanations about the game of roller derby.

The first period ended with the SufferJets lagging slightly with the Sexpos at 58 to the SufferJets 41. Final score 99-114, a win for the Sexpos. MVP awards went to Ti Loup of the Sexpos and Fat Dracula of the SufferJets.

A number of excellent photographers were capturing highlights of the bout:

League Photographer Shatterbug (Lauren Comly) captures some action & fans.

Kevin Colton Photography
Alex Solla Photography
Peter Korolov Photography