CamArrow's students from FLSM clearly win the best fan award!

by Chairman Meow

The Ithaca SufferJets suffered a close loss in an amazing home season opener against the Wall Street Traitors* of Gotham Girls Roller Derby out of NYC. The Traitors took home a 125-102 win, making the SufferJets season record to date 1-2. It was an exciting and challenging game and Ithaca fans were amazing. In a venue filled with fans, the message was loud and clear: Ithaca Loves Roller Derby!

In a first for ILWR, Cayuga Medical Center’s very own John “Twistin’ Turner”, Vice President of Public Relations, was invited to start off the action with the first whistle.

The first period ended with the SufferJets lagging behind, with the Traitors at 71 to the SufferJets 39. While the SufferJets emerged for the second half with renewed vigor and easily closed the gap, in the end a couple of high-scoring jams for the Traitors left the SufferJets trailing, with a final score of 125-102.

MVP awards, announced at the after party location, The Westy, went to Terror Byte of the Traitors and Fat Dracula of the SufferJets.

During the half-time, things got a lot smaller, as the focus switched to our junior rollers. ILWRs youngest skaters, age 8-17, participated in an exposition game. They couldn’t have asked for a better, more adoring crowd. Alternating between the two age groups, each jam pitted the Red vs the Black. Final combined scores: 38 Black vs. 50 Red.

We can’t say it enough: Thank You! Thank you to all our dedicated volunteers, staff, referees, stats takers, announcers, EMTs, floor movers, non-skating skaters, videographers, photgraphers, DJs, sound staff, guests, VIPs, fans, sponsors, and the inventor of roller skates. We couldn’t do this without you.

The SufferJets will be looking for a win against the Blitzburgh Bombers of Pittsburgh’s Steel City Derby Demons at their next home game on June 11th at Cass Park Rink. ILWR also joins forces with Meals on Wheels again for the annual Foodnet Meals on Wheels wheel-a-thon and bbq.

A number of excellent photographers were capturing highlights of the May 21 bout and we’ll post the links here as we get them!

League Photographer Shatterbug (Lauren Comly) captures some action & fans, posted here.

Peter Korolov Photography


After party Action, at the Westy, was captured by Ithaca’s own Ian Peru.

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*The Wall Street Traitors most recently played the Steel City Derby Demons B-Unit in April and steamrolled them with a final score of 267-12. The Traitors are the traveling B team of Gotham Girl’s Roller Derby. GGRD’s traveling A-team, Gotham Girls All Stars, is now ranked: #3 DNN, #1 Eastern Region WFTDA. The skaters of GGRD’s two travel teams are composed of their 4 home teams.