More Play, Less Pain!

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The Ithaca League of Women Rollers have embarked on a 2011 season campaign to cover our loan for a portable floor that will provide a safer skating environment.

This winter ILWR has found a very lightly used floor and have decided to take on a small loan to purchase it. The goal is to raise $15,000 to cover the 10,000 tile-area needed for a regulation roller derby track. Donations $20 or more and your name/business recognized on this website and a sponsor banner listing all donors.

We hope that we can count on our most dedicated fans, family, and friends to meet this goal.

SkateCourt floor tiles are specifically designed for roller skating. The tiles connect very tightly, forming a monolithic slab, which has a cushioning effect during a fall—reducing impact, injuries and pain. The SkateCourt surface has a tiny relief profile, which actually reduces the wheel friction while skating fast, but creates a serious wheel grip during acceleration, such as during cornering.

Donors will be recognized during a tile signing ceremony prior to the first 2011 home bout. At this time all tile donors will be invited to go on the track and “tag” their tile(s). This will be a great way for all of ILWR’s biggest fans to meet together on the track for this momentous event.

Roller Derby in Ithaca is here to stay. The longevity of the league is dependent on us having a safe and portable floor. Help give a floor that gives! Get a piece of the action and support your local derby girls!

For more information on SkateCourt floors visit:

Protecting our ASSets. Yeah.