March 24th - Lucky Harms Bout - SufferJets vs. Roc Stars - Photo Credit: Liz Marchiondo

The month of March kicked off season five for the ILWR with three bouts for our SufferJets and BlueStockings. First up on March 8th, the SufferJets traveled to Onondaga Community College where the Women’s History Committee sponsored a roller derby bout between the Assault City Roller Derby’s Assault Squad the SufferJets. A fitting bout to celebrate women’s history month with our derby sisters from Syracuse! Final score: 138-92, a win for the SufferJets.

Next up, ILWR headed to Rochester over the Mar 24-25 weekend for a Saturday night bout featuring our SufferJets vs Roc Stars. The SufferJets were in the lead at the half, and it was a close game until the last 15 minutes: final score 125-93, a win for the Roc Stars. This was followed by a Sunday morning bout between our BlueStockings and the newest skaters of the Roc, the Roc Quarry, resulting in a 207-66 win for the BlueStockings. Special thanks to ILWR Refs and NSOs who made the trip: Lizzy Longshanks, Elvis Refley, Miss Chief and DP Lovecraft! Thanks to our merch mistresses Armagayydon, Zebra Muscle and Grandmother Zebra! Big smooches to our always gracious hosts: Roc City Roller Derby!

Thank you so much to all these awesome photographers! Not only do they take fantastic photos – they share them right away. Please make sure to credit the photographers if you use any images.

March 8 Photos:

March 24 Photos:
Mitch’s Studio
Brian C Jackson
Liz Marchiondo
Jacob Cornelius

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