By Rollin’ Polanski #13

After a few out of town trips with some fellow ILWR skaters to various bouts & training workshops, I’ve realized there may be some basic rules to this whole traveling with derby girls thing…

1. Never EVER open your gear bag in a hotel room. (I cannot stress this one enough! Believe me, you will never hear the end of it..)

2. Excelling at Tetris is an awesome skill to have while packing the car for 5 derby girls on a weekend skating road trip.

3. Not everyone may agree on who to root for during a bout, but everyone can always agree on going to the after-party.

4. You can Pivot ANYWHERE. On the track, in the car, and even while walking down the street.

5. Even though they look tough on the track, sometimes derby girls just need to relax with a mani and pedi.

6. Derby talk never stops..In fact, sometimes you can go back to the hotel after a live bout just in time to tune into DNN to catch another bout.

7. Most Refs are really super cool even though you swore up and down in the locker room that they were a total jerk when they sent you to the penalty box for that Major.

8. Always carry league/team pins and/or stickers. You never know where you’ll meet a fellow derby girl or derby fan.

9. As you hit the open road, the car suddenly turns into one big roller skate, and you find yourself as the Jammer..a steady 80 mph usually keeps you in lead Jammer position for your whole drive.

10. It may take a 5 hour drive back on 24 hours of no sleep- but you WILL be back in time for Sunday practice.

Gimme! Coffee Game Toes