Volunteer Info Session Feb 13Info session on ILWR volunteer opportunities

Bored with the same old day-to-day routine? Wanting to get involved with some exciting and amazing people? Has your inner cheerleader been itching to get out?

If you answered yes to any of these, come to the Beverly J Martin Elementary school gym* on Sunday, February 13th at 5pm and learn about where you can fit in the Ithaca League of Women Rollers family.

We are looking for all sorts of people to participate in a number of positions:

Non Skating Officials (NSOs) – NSOs are an integral part of our bouts, they help the skating refs keep everything straight from penalty tracking to time keeping, it’s a great way to be close to the action and learn the sport. If you are also interested in working with game stats we need to talk!

Jeerleaders – If you are looking for some crowd pleasing fun & excitement, jeerleading could be your thing. Cheer on our rollers, jeer the other team and most importanly – get the fans on their feet and cheering!

Track Crew – We have a new tile sport court this year and we will need a solid track crew to help set up on bout day so we can roll fast and safely.

Event Volunteers – From door greeters to videographers it takes a village to pull off an event that can bring 1000 attendees. We need lots of help here!

Information Tech & Website Stuff – Have a special talent in writing code? Want to help us improve our website? Let us know.

Graphic Designers – We put together a variety of printed & online materials throughout the year, including a multi-page event program. If you have some talents in this arena to share we’d be ever so grateful.

If you have ANY kind of special talent or expertise, we want you! And for ladies looking to brush up on their skating skills or get some extra exercise, we’ll have some information on our wReck-reational league starting up in late spring! Volunteering is a great way to stay involved until then.

There is a roll for everyone in roller derby.

Drop us an email if you can’t make our volunteer recruitment event or just have questions:

*Bevery J Martin Gymnasium
(use the Albany St. entrance)
302 W Buffalo St.
Ithaca, NY