The Ithaca League of Women Rollers is a non-profit, all-volunteer community organization that provides athletic opportunities for women and youth.  Throughout the year, and during our season at our home (and away) bouts, we ask the community to lend a hand with whatever skill, talent, or super power they wish to share!

We need volunteers to serve as door greeters and ticket sellers, security, event productioneers, DJs, photographers, videographers, announcers, EMTs, entertainers, jeerleaders, merchandise sellers, game officials, stats takers, massage therapists (hey can’t hurt to ask), website programming & maintenance, graphic designers, athletic trainers and more! Every little bit helps. Please be in touch with our volunteer coordinators for more information.  Only with your support can we roll smoothly all season long!

What does Kung Fool Fighter, our long-time Jeerleader, say about being involved with ILWR?

“These events find the ‘sweet spot’ combination of dedicated sport and competition, theater and play, self-improvement, supportive teamwork, camaraderie, camp, and not taking life too seriously. We encourage the crowd when the teams need a boost, try to raise the roof for close games, and hopefully make the game a more fun and happy event overall.”

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