By Chairman Meow

We’re planning some scrimmages over the fall/winter, going to secret roller-ninja-dodgeball training camps, running our level 1 training sessions, training our Ithaca League of Junior Rollers, and enjoying a bit of a hiatus!

Roller-Ninja Dodgeball Training Camp - Ithaca League of Women Rollers

Recently members of ILWR participated in the Annual Cancer Resource Center 5k and Walkathon. This wonderful organization works to insure that no one has to face cancer alone.

Ithaca League of Women Rollers  at the Cancer Resource Center 5k and Walkathon

In case you didn’t notice…ILWR had their last bouts of the season! On Saturday, October 6 the season closer versus Charlotte Roller Girls was a hometown win for your SufferJets, final score 114-57! Read all about it here.

SufferJets Season Closer Win over Charlotte Roller Girls 114-57

And then ILWR took the show on the road for a final double-header in Hyde Park, NY versus the Hudson Valley Horrors.  Our BlueStockings played the opening bout versus the ZomBsquad and led at the half, 127-22. Final score: Bluestockings 191, ZomBsquad 59. MVPs were Sugar Blitz (BlueStockings) and Daemon Mistress (ZomBSquad). View photos by Clarkshots.

BlueStockings vs Hudson Valley Horrors

Next up were the SufferJets! Sending out a roster of ten ready to rumble skaters: CamArrow, Chairman Meow, Chrysteria, Gunder ‘n Lightning, Haha Hatchet, Mad ScienceFist, Momo-A-Gogo, Ovarian Cyster, Pink E. Racer, and Thunder Vittles. At the half the SufferJets enjoyed an encouraging lead: SufferJets 107, Horrors 36. Final score: ILWR 246, HVH 52. MVPs Gunder N. Lightning (SufferJets) and Tera Joules (Horrors). And the always witty and effervescent Bobby Narco on the mic with Mag Wheels. View photos by Clarkshots. Look at that beautiful floor!

Hudson Valley Horrors vs Sufferjets October 14 2012

In The Dogs of Derby‘s photo challenge, “That’s How I Roll,” Super Fan Liz Hoyt and her pup Frankie just won a $25 donation to the animal shelter of their choice, and they selected the SPCA of Tompkins County. Check out the Super Fan Mobile!

Superfans win Dogs of Derby photo contest

Til next time…Derby on!