/an offseason round-up by Chairman Meow/

ILWR Featured in Ithaca Week

By Sam Gest and Geoffrey Guthe

Though it’s the offseason for the Ithaca League of Women Rollers, you wouldn’t know it by watching them practice. It’s 8:30 p.m. on a Thursday, and a group of women are in the middle of a training session full of box-outs and hip checks. These women take roller derby seriously. Despite their dedication to competition, the organization remains steadfast in its original goal to give back to the Ithaca community. Read full article.

ILWR Skater Transfers to the Windy City

Early 2013 - With ILWR
Former ILWR skater, Ms. Dr. Joseph L. Simonis, was interviewed by one of her new leagues, Windy City Rollers. We’re glad to hear that she makes her Windy City Rollers debut Saturday, December 14, in Chicago.

Through a series of happenstance conversations, I found out that I might actually be able to find a home in roller derby, which was really exciting to me. I enjoy playing team sports and contact sports and thought derby was fantastic every time I went to a bout. After a few months of figuring out if I could actually join the league, a friend and I signed up for my old league’s training program and I haven’t looked back since.

Read the full interview.

Junior Rollers Updates

Ithaca League of Junior Rollers
Our Junior Rollers just ended their fall session. Would you like to join the next one? If you are not a returning skater – sign up for our waiting list: juniorderby@ithacarollerderby.com. Winter 2014 session will begin on January 7. Insurance Payments ($35 for returning skaters who did not purchase insurance in October) and session fees ($90 for January-March) will be due before skaters can return to practice. More info.

Women Building Community Grant Recipients

Proceeds from the sale of the Women’s Community Building in 2011 were used to fund the first round of grants awarded by The City Federation of Women’s Organizations. This is the first group of recipients of those grants. / Photo by TIM HOOVER

Also of note: The Ithaca League of Junior Rollers was selected as one of the recipients of the City Federation of Women’s Organizations (CFWO) first ever Women Building Community grants. These grants are given to projects that aim to improve the lives of women and girls living in our community. ILJR monies are earmarked towards tournament play and hosting a home double-header event. Go ILJR!

2013 Battle of the All-Stars

New York State Derby All-Stars
Two of our skaters were selected to join the New York State Derby All-Stars. This is a state-wide compilation team which will be competing against other All-Star teams the weekend of December 13-16. (Participating All-Star teams include: PA, NJ, NY, MD, VA, WV, OH and NC/SC). More info.

1. Anne Frankenstein (Gotham)
2. Deb Crush (Assault City)
3. Brootal Vroom (Assauly City)
4. HaHa Hatchet (Ithaca)
5. Gunder (Ithaca)
6. Lethal Lorelei (Roc City)
7. Brazilian Nut (Gotham)
8. Violet Knockout (Gotham)
9. Attackardic (Long Island)
10. Lauren Forcer (Suburbia)
11. Trinity (Strong Island)
12. Mick Swagger (Gotham)
13. Vicious (Gotham)
14. Slay West (CNY)
Gut Shot (CNY)
C-Roll (Long Island)

ILWR finishes 2013 Strong

November 2013 WFTDA Rankings

The latest WFTDA rankings show ILWR at 78, reflecting the results of sanctioned games played through Nov. 30, 2013. After hovering around 100 in early 2013, this is an admirable shift! These rankings were also used to set leagues’ Division placements for the 2013-2014 competitive season. Ithaca is firmly in Division 2 (composed of teams ranked 41-100). Ithaca needs to get ranked between 41-60 by June 30, 2014, in order to qualify for Division 2 Playoff tournaments in 2014. This could happen people!

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Last, but not least…our 2014 Season Schedule will be debuting very soon! Stay tuned…