Good question!

We were at ECDX – The East Coast Derby Extravaganza!

June 22th – 24th, 2012!

1000+ Skaters | 120+ Leagues | 49 Bouts | 3 Rinks | 1 Weekend

100% Fun!

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Saturday – 1:00PM Garden State vs Ithaca
Sunday – 2:30PM Ithaca vs Maine

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ECDX 2012

First Bout wrapup via DNN:

In Garden State (28E) v Ithaca (unranked), Garden State narrowly had the upper hand in the first half and led 83-75 at intermission, but Ithaca got a break early in the second half when Garden State’s jammer was boxed for 2 minutes. Back to back 20-0 jams suddenly flipped the advantage to Ithaca, 123-92, with about 20 minutes left to play in the game. That sequence was a major momentum shifter, with Ithaca claiming almost all the lead jammer calls over the middle ten minutes of the half and extending that lead to 149-95 with 11:00 to play — a 74-12 run to start the half.

From there, it was basically a race to see if Garden State could recover from that swoon before running out of time. They closed to within 40 at 162-122 with 3 minutes to play, but a key 8-0 jam from Ithaca ace Gunder N Lightning slammed the door on the GSR late comeback hopes. The last jam started at 170-122, and Darla Mercado picked up 9-0 for GSR but didn’t hear her bench screaming for the call-off until just after time expired — Garden State was unable to stop the clock and Ithaca took the upset win, 170-131. Bout stats via

Post Garden State vs Ithaca Bout - 6/23/2012 - photo by Sugar Blitz

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ILWR's SufferJets vs Garden State Rollergirls - June 23, 2012- ECDX

Second bout wrap-up via DNN:

11E Maine found themselves in early, unexpected trouble against unranked Ithaca, down 33-8 after the first ten minutes, but they recovered nicely from that. They finally got something going about halfway through the opening 30, closing to within 45-27 with 15 minutes to go and making it a 10 point game at 45-35 with 12:58 left in the half. Maine called their first timeout there, took the lead two jams later, and didn’t look back, owning the rest of the half to lead 131-65 by the break. Ithaca was unable to duplicate their strong opening in the second half, and the second half was all Maine; in the end, Maine won 225-108.

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ILWR's SufferJets vs Maine's Port Authorities - June 24, 2012 - ECDX

Also at ECDX – and In a category all it’s own – The Pegassist!

It was already going to be an awesome battle between Gotham Girls and Rose City, but then jammer White Flight did something we haven’t yet seen in derby. Facing a scrum line of Gotham blockers she grabbed the hand of her blocker, KickKassedy. While Davey Blockit tried to push White Flight out of bounds, KickKassedy pulled her over the inside line from behind her to the front of the pack, basically a flying assist, aka the Pegassist.

ECDX hosts, the Philly Rollergirls pulled off an amazing event, all the Referees and NSOs were out in force to
officiate and a who’s who roster of announcers brought commentary both live and online for viewers of our bouts (and all the bouts!). Special thanks to Bitches Bruze, Moe Cheezmo, Billy Flynn and Pixie Quikenwitty!

Thanks to the creativity and generousity of MakeItUrz , ILWR had a bunch of very cool dog tags to wear and giveaway during ECDX!

Badge: - Custom Laser Engraved Badge
Custom "Talk Derby to Me" Dogtag by