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Our Vision Statement

The members of the ILWR are strong and motivated women skaters, women and men referees, League appointed volunteers, and non-skating officials.  These members train hard, respect their teammates and other officials, and love the sport of Roller Derby. Our competitive skaters work to increase their power through discipline, hard work, and focus.

The ILWR strives to create a full-contact sport that inspires girls and women and appeals to all of our fans.  We will work to be fully sponsored and financially sound to create our own practice/bout space and fully-funded travel, uniforms, insurance and equipment for ILWR skaters.  The organization, the Ithaca League of Women Rollers, is organized exclusively for charitable, educational purposes and for fostering amateur sports competition. The ILWR does not endeavor to be a profit-making organization and hence will work to give any net profits back to the community via donations to charities and non-profit organizations.

The specific objectives of this corporation are to: (a) promote the sport of girl’s and women’s roller derby by fostering local, state, national and international amateur sports competition; (b) provide the skills and training necessary for participation in local, state, national and international competition; and (c) teach young girls and women roller skating skills.

Meet Our Teams!

The Sufferjets

Our Travel Team

The Bluestockings

Our B Travel team

The Title IX’s

Our Junior Roller Derby Team!

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